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SEdesk is a secure unified workspace, providing one-stop access to web, SaaS and legacy applications through a browser-less isolated environment delivering a true desktop user experience while reducing IT costs

Improved user experience and business performance reducing liability


Access your workspace from any device, anywhere improving the user experience


Reduce network complexity and lengthy manual ad-hoc setups both for the IT team and the enduser


Military-grade security extended to the endpoint for access control and protection of your network sensitive data

One-stop workspace for all your Legacy, SaaS and Web applications.

Client Testimonials

Giorgio Mottironi

CSO & CoFounder

Security is everything, it’s part of our life journey, and we know it since birth. By integrating SEdesk in our credit management platform, our intention is not only to make it more efficient and customer centric but above all protect payments and financial data to keep the customer journey, safe and sound.

A. Di Vittorio

Head of ICT Department

Thanks to its hardware-based security, SEdesk is the perfect solution to make our STE Guardian platform compliant with the stringent cyber-security criteria, avoiding any IT work for client-server communication

Alberto Pelliccione

CEO ReaQta

Being in the cybersecurity industry, some of our customers were looking for an added secured access to our dashboard. We are glad to integrate SEdesk into our product offering to give better protection for our customers. The solution is easy to use (plug & click) and convenient.

Karen Sundermann

VP Government Sector WW

SEdesk provides easy and secure access to our Cyber Threat Intelligence platform through an isolated digital workspace


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