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Platform overview

Plan and navigate your enterprise digital transformations maintaining the visibility and control over your weakest links, the endpoints.

Our offering

SEdesk comprises of three main elements, which can be combined and tailored to your business needs and network architectures.

SEdesk Workspace

Your one-stop workspace aggregating all your enterprise applications into an isolated ready to use environment. Enduser can work on any device, anywhere and are yet freed from local app installations and configurations.

Management Suite

Integrated, single point of management providing IT teams with the full control and audit over all endpoints regardless of their location be it remote branches, errand workers or home office.

Security Add-ons

Advanced cutting edge security hardware for multi-factor authentication and network security to meet the most stringent requirements essential in controlled environments and highly regulated industries.

Deploy SEdesk in any environment

Our installations are designed for straightforward integration into self-hosted and public cloud architectures enhancing your security posture.

Public Cloud

Harness all the advantages of the Cloud while keeping control over your data, which is protected at all times, during download, use and storage on remote devices.


Certain businesses are required to keep their data and content on premise for legal reasons and have who have very strict data exposure and storage policies. Other times, investments have already been made in on-premises infrastructure.


The adoption of Cloud strategies is playing an important role in businesses digital transformation. However the processes and systems in place cannot be replaced easily and rapidly. A hybrid architecture can help provide a transition solution before the migration is fully completed. In other cases, the hybrid solution is the only possible way businesses choose to protect more sensitive applications and data on self-hosted.