Why SEdesk

SEdesk is a secure unified workspace, providing one-stop access to web, SaaS and legacy applications through a browser-less isolated environment delivering a true desktop user experience while reducing IT costs

Making the most of your IT budget


Browser-less user experience for increased usability and workforce productivity.

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True desktop user experience

  • 1-click icons for applications and files
  • Browser-less
  • Application active windows
  • Custom appearance and widgets

One-stop workspace

  • Legacy, SaaS and web applications, all displayed together
  • Ready for integration with main cloud storage providers
  • Single-sign-on (SSO) to all your services

Task-focused environment

  • Immediate use, zero configuration on the endpoint
  • Shallow short learning curve
  • Free from visual and functional distractions typical of browsers


Layered security with zero overhead for enhanced IT network performance

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Identification and authentication

  • User, Device and Service Identification
  • Fine grained access control policies based on Zero Trust approach
  • Multi Factor Authentication

Holistic security

  • Military-grade protection of data at rest and data in motion
  • Secure File System
  • Link security independent of transport channel

Quantum computing ready

  • Crypto Agility
  • PKI Independent
  • Focus on Symmetrical Cryptography
  • Aligned with NIST Standardisation process


Increased visibility and control of your endpoints while reducing capitalised IT costs

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Friction-Less integration

  • Fast deployment
  • Application source independent
  • One port, any service
  • Supporting multiple identity providers

Hassle-free migration

  • On-Premise, Hybrid and Cloud Native
  • As simple as changing an IP address
  • Zero impact on the endpoint

Business continuity

  • Hot redundancy strategy
  • Low deployment complexity
  • Scalability and recovery without service interruption

Centralised mangement

  • Push deployment and updates
  • Context-aware policies
  • Integrated Business Analytics
  • Reduced endpoint maintenance
  • No specialised workforce required

Learn how SEdesk can benefit you

Whether you work in the IT and Security team, whether you are a business executive or the enduser, we cater for your operational needs

Empowering control over your network eco-system in the era of Cloud and BYOD

IT and security teams are yet freed from manual and time consuming network and endpoint configurations.

SEdesk drastically drops your virtualised workspace setup time from days to hours with no intervention on the endpoint. With SEdesk daily IT tickets like forgotten passwords, lost VPN connections and access to remote applications are no longer a pain.

Setup time from days to hours

Future proof security from network to endpoint

Sharing your network resources with your employees and partners has never been more secure.

SEdesk extends your network security to the endpoint reducing the surface of attack. Put your mind at rest, your company data are constantly protected by advanced mechanisms and protocols resilient to post-quantum cryptography.

Extends your secure perimeter to the endpoint

True desktop User Interface for improved experience and increased productivity

End users are immediately operational and can focus on getting their job done.

Users are provided with a personalised and ready to work environment, where access to Cloud and self-hosted applications is done with Single Sign On from anywhere and on any device. Regardless of OS, device and deployment, adoption is straightforward with a shallow, short learning curve

Your Workforce operational from Day One

Rationalise your IT assets to enable your cost-effective BYOD strategy

Blending a selection of the best features of different technologies in a single product, we support you in the rationalisation of your IT spending while making your enterprises ready to evolving security challenges. Business executive can achieve a competitive advantage for better business outcomes.

Empowering the adoption of BYOD and Cloud while meeting compliance with the most stringent security regulations, the enterprise will benefit from the rationalisation of IT assets and increased productivity eliminating the cost of complex and capex-intensive structures provided by competitive solutions.

Reducing technology investments by 1/3

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